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Wissen ist der Motor unserer Gesellschaft. Aber wir sind mit der Tatsache konfrontiert, dass Wissen entsteht und vergeht. Wissen muß man sich erarbeiten, aber man muß auch altes Wissen loslassen können. will Wissen, aber auch Wege zum Wissen vermitteln. Denn die Quellen des Wissens liegen näher, als man glaubt. kennt keinen fixen Standort und keine feste Organisation, sondern baut auf den Prinzipien des Networking und Selbstorganisation auf. sind wir
Ich biete keine Seminare an und berate niemanden. Meine Artikel sind in einschlägigen Zeitschriften zu finden und meine Bücher sind im Buchhandel erhältlich. Auf Anfrage kann ich etwas über ein gewünschtes Thema erzählen (ich rede gerne zu viel). Auf Wunsch schreibe ich auch gerne den einen oder anderen Text.

Knowledge is the driving force in our society. But we are faced with the fact that knowledge arises and passes. wants to communicate knowledge as well as ways to knowledge. does not have a fixed location or a fixed organization, but follow the principles of networking and self-organization. We are
Unfortunately, I do not sell anything. I do not offer any seminars or advise anyone. My articles can be found in relevant magazines. My books can be purchased in the book trade. On request, I can tell something about a desired topic (I like to talk too much). On request, If you prefer a written text, please let me know..

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For Austrians Australia is a distant but fascinating continent. Oz (as the locals call it) is not only geographically a contrast to Austria, it could not be more contradictory in all its aspects. There are many and intense relationships between the two countries. deals with these relationships especially with the focus on social innovation, ecology and nutrition. If you want to stay up to date, refer to our news service on Facebook. Just subscribe and the news will be delivered to your FB-site.

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Innovation - music to the ears of chairmen and CEOs. But what is missing is thepractical follow-through. Companies often talk about that. Innovation and creatifity are vital to their business. In fact innovation does not easily fit in the focus of modern business. Why bother?
In a world where business is more interested in "best practice", ist it any wonder that products and services, companies and organisations are all beginning to look the same? It is quite clear that generating ideas is not the problem - its making them happen thats really hard. New forms of innovation especially social innovations are needed. defines social innovation as a new solution that meets a social need and lead to improved capabilities and use of assets and resources. Social innovations may change social values and lead to social improvement. For more information visit our news-threat in Facebook.

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Nutrition -The key to the future of the world.The global economy affects every aspect of what we eat and our health and welfare. We can see that food has a central place in how our world operates. It is necessary to redesign the global and local food economy and culture to promote organic production, fair trade and food sovereignity.
Modern industrial scale agricultural practices have led to the destruction of our environment and culture of nutrition. With this in mind agriculture and nutrition might become increasingly important in the future. In fact, food is one of the most basic resources that humans need for daily survival. New solutions are needed. These solutions must be found in harmony with agricultural and human nature. What is more important: The most desirable factor of nutrition is that people should enjoy their food. looks for new kinds of relationships between farmers and citizens and between nutrion and agriculture. We see a new relationship between production and consumtion and between city and countryside. To empower those kinds of relationships we design and support social innovations in order to improve sustainability. For more information runs a news-service on facebook.

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Southeast Asia - Travel brochures announce an idyllic picture of Southeast Asia, an ideal place for a dream holiday. The reality is different. This region is also confronted with war, terror, crisis and environmental destruction. deals with these questions and reflects on the future of the region. The focus of research interest is Malaysia, one of the new Asian tiger states and yet little known in Austria. For more information about Southeast Asia follow our FB-threat Malaysia-News.


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